Thursday 2 February 2012

January in review

A good start overall…a few hiccups but really pretty good.  I always like the bad news first so here we go…I am currently suffering from planter fasciitis (heal pain) so I am unable to run for a few weeks. I am also sick at the moment, so I have been off work and workouts for the last few days.  That’s it.  So… not bad.

The good news is, the planter fasciitis will go away and I am already feeling well enough to go back to work. The training has been fairly easy so far.  I feel pretty strong at the moment, especially in cycling.  After re-working my swim stoke with Murray, I am optimistic that I will be exerting less energy on my multiple km swims. My new mid-foot running is coming along, it caused the planter fasciitis but I was running faster and with more ease before the injury.

My bike issue was resolved yesterday. I went back to the store and they promised to order me a smaller bike for the same sale price.  I spent much more time with them trying out both sizes. I even asked Drew to come with me. (Funny, I can buy a car by myself, but I needed some sort of support when I buying my bike…weird.) I unfortunately won’t get my bike until the end of March.

So for my first official month of training I would have to say that it was a 4 on 10 for difficulty.  An 8 on 10 for learning new techniques, and a 9 on 10 for effort exerted in re-wiring my brain. I listen completely to my coach, no exceptions anymore, and I am slowly learning to roll with what is thrown at me.

February, I expect, will be more workouts when I don’t feel like it.  More pushing when I want to stop. More stopping when I feel like I can do more. And of course eating right when I feel like binging on beer and potato chips. (OK, I will still do that, I am only human.) 

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