Monday 6 February 2012


Maybe is it because it’s Monday, or maybe it’s the full moon. It is February, so maybe that’s it…. Who here is feeling blah… in need of a vacation? If you hate listening to people whine, then you need to bail from this blog. Bail now. I am about to have a pity party that is not only self-indulgent, but is completely unwarranted when you consider how many people out there have real problems. 

However, if you enjoy hearing other people wallow in misery, then you’re in for a treat. I don’t like to complain (much), but I am getting very frustrated with my body at the moment.  Let’s review the list:

Planter Fasciitis (left foot)
Achilles pain (right ankle)
Ball of foot pain (right foot)
Shoulder pain (right side)
Hamstring pain (right side)
Neck stiffness
Flu bug
Loss of appetite
General crankiness

This is the current list of aches, pains and wide-ranging crap plaguing me.  Some of these have side-lined me from running, others are affecting the intensity of some workouts. The last remaining aches are just pissing me off. I am in a fowl mood, and it’s my body’s fault, and there is nothing I can do about it except listen to my coach and my trainer and their modified activities to keep me on the path. I won’t quit. It is not in my DNA.  I just need to WHIIIIIIINE!!!!! :(


  1. Ok, so if you were my pet...... I'd have had you put down..... On another note, I am praying for one of your symptoms....Which is: Loss of appetite.

  2. You may have started too intense workouts too early.... :-( Take it easy and rest a little bit!