Sunday 5 February 2012

The wall

There is a term in the athletic world, “hitting the wall”, which refers to the moment when you find yourself depleted of all your energy. It happens to everyone in endurance sports. It happened to me today. Most often it occurs on a long run or ride, but today it happened at 2pm in the afternoon while I was sitting on the sofa. 

Sometimes the body makes decisions the brain cannot override, so as someone who rarely takes naps, I found myself giving in. I laid my head down and within seconds it was lights out. Naps are funny.  Mini sleeps full of dreams. This nap was, without exception, the most exhausting I have ever had. 

You see, I pushed off my scheduled workout due to the lethargic mood I found myself in when I woke up this morning. I made a promise that when I woke up from my siesta, I would hit the gym.  As I drifted off to sleep, my thoughts were of my club. I had many strange dreams over the next two hours, but the most vivid one was of me waking up, driving to the club and jumping in the pool. This workout was as hard as any I have ever had. It was as boring as any pool session I have ever had.  When I woke up I was exhausted.  Did I just work out...? Wake up...! Did I go to the club?

OMG, I can’t escape training. Not even within a nap.

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