Wednesday 8 February 2012

When two worlds collide…

My two worlds are officially colliding. By day, I am DesignerGirl, ( swooping into people's homes, ripping out the ugly and righting the wrongs of poor design decisions. For ten years, I have been talking the talk and walking the walk. Dressed to the nines, I enter people’s homes, fully polished, to create that “perfect first impression” – my calling card of how your home should look pre-market.

By night, I AM IRONMAN (in-training).  Dressed to sweat. Gooped up not to not chafe (ok, TMI).  Overflowing gym bags brimming with multiple pairs of shoes for the multiple sports I train for.  Car full of food for my evening dine at “Chez d’Accura” (complete with heated seats).

Yesterday, I realized that my “Clark Kent to Superman” transition needs a little work.

It started with a typical morning from hell. Drive kids to school, check. Dog walked, check. Gear packed for evening workout, check, then double check.  Lunch and dinner packed, check.  Lastly, pack bike in car, check.  Phew, done. Oh crap, I was late for my first meeting and I needed gas.

I pulled up to the nearest gas station, frazzled, I jumped out of my car in my usual designer getup: high heel boots, funky three quarter length snug-fitting white wool coat, uber cool fedora hat. The guy at the next pump started staring at me, after awhile, I shot him back a look.  No not that look, I’m happily married. The “what the &*^% are you looking at” look.  As I returned to the business of filling my car with gas, I caught my reflection in the window of my car. Ohhhh.  

Earlier that morning I had looked unsuccessfully for my everyday sunglasses so I grabbed my very strange-looking, somewhat alien-like, but very fashionable-in-the-cycling-world pair.  These blue-tinted, white- and red-rimmed glasses looked extra fetching with my gray plaid fedora. I also had grease all over my super-funky coat, from having put my bike in the car. To top it off, I had somehow gotten grease all over my cheek and nose.  Oh ya, and I have an injury-related limp. 

So, there I was, two worlds colliding. Drew has a new name for me: “des-athlete” (where designer, athlete and disaster come together). 

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