Wednesday 29 February 2012

February in review

-       178 days to my A-race
-       Scheduled Feb training 48.25 hrs
-       Completed Feb training 43.25 hrs
-       Issues: Illness, injury, February blahs

Boy, will I be happy to put this month to bed. I now have an appreciation for the term “February blahs”.  Like Eeyore, I seemed to have a dark cloud over my head that followed me around, day after day. I only had a few good workouts, all the rest felt like a chore. My energy was low, and my appetite was high. I think I literally ate my way through the month (which of course is now making its appearance on my ass).


I want to go on a diet but I think that would be risky, so for now I will just stop the daily binging on chocolate covered goji berries, and yogurt covered pretzels. On Friday nights, I will stop at 3 pints of beer (don’t ask) and maybe I’ll avoid eating dinner at 10pm (I am not training to be a sumo wrestler so I should stop eating like one).

I did miss a few swim workouts and for that, I am disappointed. My tendency is to over-train, but that was not the case in Feb. So I am relieved this month is over (just my luck that it’s a leap year). I welcome March with open arms, eager to suck up some natural vitamin D, hoping the days will get warmer and my Ruby’s wheels will soon touch the pavement.


  1. I think in spite of it all you still made a great Feb. Your metabolic rate amazes me.......

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