Monday 30 January 2012

I’m so confused!!!!!

I bit the bullet, and I bought a tri bike!!! A Cervelo P3.  I have been waffling back and forth on making this purchase because I love my Specialized Ruby road bike and have been very happy with its performance.  I have been told that a Tri bike is necessary for an Iron, so I began researching bikes and stores that sell them. 

I did not intend on making this purchase so soon.  I just felt lucky when I found myself in a bike store looking for a birthday present for a friend.  The store was having a sale on Cervelo. The small notice on the store entrance door said “up to $2000 off”. So I inquired. The young girl working the floor was new to selling bikes and cycling in general (I actually knew more than her, which is scary).  The store had one P3 left. I got on the bike and it felt big, but the store manager said it would be “sized” for me, even if they had to cut the seat steam. I left a deposit.

I think I made a mistake! Hours after my purchase, I started to question my decision, so I began researching on the internet and made a few phone calls to some seasoned cyclists I know.  I won’t get into the details, but OMG, forget about the bike size – it seems everyone has an opinion on tri vs road bikes.  So not only am I confused about the size of my soon to be picked up bike, but now I am questioning whether I should be buying one at all.

I’m still hopeful my deposit will be refundable, but now what? 

The debate it this… you trade-off comfort and speed on hills, on a tri bike (depending on who you talk to). With a road bike, you lose speed on flats and your legs are not as fresh when you get off the bike.  I have also been warned that some people never feel comfortable on a tri bike and that road bikes can be modified (to a degree) to be more aerodynamic.

So, I have a decision to make and I am so very confused.  The P3 size is still in question, but I can work through that with the store.  But if it fits… do I keep it? 

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  1. Keep it!! The P3 is awesome, I love mine. Tri bikes are great for the long hauls (aero position). But fit is the most important thing and I'm not the same caliber of cyclist that you are. If you don't feel it suits you then get your money back...and sheesh, if someone is selling a bike worth more than a few $1,000 you would think they would have knowledgeable staff on hand.