Wednesday 11 January 2012

Sooooo lazy!!!?

How is it that I have energy to train for hours everyday of the week, and little to none when it comes to the simple tasks?  I need to clean the inside of my car (desperately). I need to put the clothes away that the cleaning lady washed, folded and put neatly at the door of my closet.  I need to take the year’s worth of empty beer and wine bottles back for recycling before my neighbours think we have a drinking problem.

Several clients of mine have asked me how I have the energy for work, parenthood, and training. I just shrug my shoulders and smile. I don’t tell them about my disorganized desk, or my purse that looks like a wastebasket when viewed from the top, or the three-legged, birch bark reindeer that only needs a nail and 10 seconds of my time.

I guess you could argue that these are things that have no immediate priority, so I am not lazy.  Well, (I can’t believe I am admitting to this) am I lazy if I get in my car after grocery shopping, and drive to the other side of the parking lot, a mere 200 meters away, just so I don’t have to walk to the pet food store?

Ya, I’m lazy. Or perhaps, it’s a yin yang thing… and my way to stay balanced. :)

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