Thursday 19 January 2012

The next gear….

If you have ever driven a 5 speed standard vehicle you know how the car feels when you are red lining (the rpm’s) before you shift.  The screaming sound it makes as it begs you to shift into a higher gear. And, when you finally shift, the engine reacts quickly; it calms down and settles in.  If you keep the speed steady, you hit a sweet spot.  The car seems to ride effortlessly, steady and quiet.  As soon as you apply more pressure to the gas pedal, the need to shift gears starts all over again.

I view training much like driving a standard car.  When I started to train seriously, which was about 9 months ago, I was a complete novice.  Gear 1.  Just before I competed the ½ Iron in September, I remember feeling like I was red lining. I was pushing the limits of my engine as far I could.  I entered the 2nd gear soon after that race, and with months of “maintenance” training I have finally hit that sweet spot.

The sweet spot in a new gear is my favorite place to be.  You are going faster than you have in the past and it feels effortless.  I was running on the treadmill last night after a long spin, and my feet felt like they were not touching the ground.  I felt like I could run forever.  This goofy smile began to liberate my face. I caught my image in the mirrored window I was running in front of, and I spontaneously laughed out loud. 

How many people feel like this?  Is this why this is the fastest growing sport? I know I will be leaving the comfortable sweet spot I am enjoying so much.  I want to shift to the 3rd gear.  I look forward to my body screaming at me, red lining, begging to be shifted.  I look forward to the sweet spot in gear 3.

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