Friday 6 January 2012

Getting my groove on…

The Christmas break was a wonderful time to lay low and regroup with family and friends. I ate a lot more than I normally do, missed a few workouts (completely sanctioned by my coach, btw…a nice Christmas present), got a lot less sleep, and gained 5 pounds. The result is, every workout this week has been a hard slog.

I am amazed at how fast our bodies (or maybe it’s just mine) rebel when it get a little down time.  I know rest is good for people in training, so I really can’t categorize what I did last week as “down time”. It was pure reckless fun:).  So, I guess it’s normal that I would have to pay.

I think if I knew how hard this week was going to be, I might not have consumed the #? bottles of wine, the “couple” of beers, the (shhhhh) 5 bags of potato chips I did not share with anyone. (I am lying of course, it was much worse than that.) Maybe, just maybe, I would have behaved differently (but probably not).

Today, I am finally feel like myself again and it was only towards the end of a 2hr workout that I got my groove on and my first really good post-workout buzz of the year…finally!!!  I hope this is a sign that I have recovered and that my workouts will get back to normal.  Just in time for the weekend. Anyone up for a pint at Hogan’s? (Just kidding.)

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