Friday 20 January 2012

Survival of the fittest

“OMG you are such a pig!” Those words have been uttered more times than I can count by my loving husband. “It not a race,” is the other frequent phrase I hear. These comments are usually over a plate of nachos, or some other appetizer we’ve decided to “share”.  With disgust in his tone, he complains bitterly about my metabolism.

At 6’3 and over 200lbs, Drew has always been amazed at how much I eat.  He claims I eat as much as he does and has even nick-named me Jethro.  Now that I train for triathlons, the fight over food is not just over the Friday night appetizer, it’s now a battle over the contents of the fridge.

Finishing a cheese plate (for 4) for dessert!
("Back-off, I have a knife")
I have an ally: my coach. “You need to eat more,” he says to me frequently.  He even has my strength trainer asking me how much and when I have last had food.  You see, my weight has been fluctuating too much lately.  When the training goes up, too many lbs come off. With the Iron 8 months away, the odds of losing more weight are pretty good. Therefore, I need to be careful not to lose too much too soon. 

So, it has been a race to the fridge – a race that I think Drew is losing. As my weight stabilizes, he comments on how much he has lost recently….over 10lbs to date.

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