Saturday 31 March 2012

March in review

146 days to my A-race
Scheduled March training 48.40 hrs
Completed March training 56.10 hrs
Issues: Fatigue (stress related)

Overall, not a bad month. I stayed on top of my workouts, even when fatigue plagued me. I woke up most mornings this month feeling like I had just gone to bed. I also have a twitchy right eye which is a sure sign that I am a little stressed out. I figure the increase in stress is due to a busy spring real estate market, and general daily life stuff. I have been researching fatigue, and stress can really knock you off your feet. There is nothing I can do to lower my stress – it is what it is for now – so I am taking extra care to eat well and get as much rest as possible.

The good news is the month zoomed by (not like last month), and the last few workouts have been awesome.  I ran today after a long indoor spin (5 minutes only). It was my first run in 2 months. I can still feel something in my heel, but it was not painful to run. The next couple of days will determine if I can slowly resume my running training. My fingers are crossed.

Mt. Lemmon (cant wait!) 
My new bike is on it way!!!! Like an expectant mother in her 9th month of pregnancy, I am due and getting impatient. Impala Bikes called, and said that it has been shipped, and is expected to arrive this week. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like I will have enough time to get used to riding it before I have to ship it down to Arizona. I was really looking forward to training on it in Tucson. I am flirting with the idea of taking both bikes. I guess I need to talk to the coach.

So tomorrow is April, the beginning of a month that I hope to be running… a month that is better for riding outside… a month where the days are longer, and getting warmer. And, the month will end with a tri-training bootcamp trip in Arizona. For some reason, this month feels like the official beginning to serious training.

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