Sunday 11 March 2012

My Ruby wheels….

I hit the road today. I don’t remember my last ride in the late fall of 2010. I’m sure I wasn’t aware at the time that it would be months before my wheels would touch the pavement again. All week I eagerly watched the weather report, hoping for a dry, warm(ish) day. What we got was near perfect.

Only a few riders showed up at my door. With the threat of high winds and a chilly start, most bailed, leaving the hard core, badass women (Judy, Julie and me) to launch the season. The three of us headed out after a quick tire change and a few adjustments to our layered wardrobe.

What a day. We were all so excited to be liberated from our computrainers. Our legs, strong from all of the indoor training, felt like the winter never happened. I didn’t even mind the cars (except the one that almost took out a large peloton of cyclist coming towards us).  Yup, the season has begun.

30 minutes in, we pulled over, all of us overheating from our efforts and layers. Following a quick peel, we were off again. Wind at our back, sun on our faces, it was just what the mental health doctor ordered (for me anyway). When we got to Annina’s Bakery in Goodwood, the familiar smells greeted us at the door. Pastries and coffee…yumm.

After many laughs (at the expense of our wimpy, no-show teammates), we headed back. With heavy winds, our efforts multiplied exponentially. Pushing hard in front, I reached zone 4 quickly and stayed there for most our return journey (sorry coach). I didn’t mind, I was outside again.  Tiny patches of snow in retreat, my Ruby wheels spinning on bare pavement, it was a near perfect day.

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