Sunday 11 March 2012

My morning yuck-fest….

…starts with one glass, a little water and an assortment of vile flavoured, energy boosting, health food powders. This self-imposed ritual of torturous gulping did not come as a suggestion from my coach, or any one else. I put this concoction together on my own, in my pursuit to obtain more energy.

You’d think I would mix this stuff with fruit, or peanut butter, anything to make it taste better, but that takes time and I am barely able to put this together. As Drew and the girls watch my morning ritual, they giggle every time they see and hear the involuntary reaction my body makes. I can’t stop the mournful sounds from escaping from my mouth, as the last syrupy mess makes it way to my stomach. Then, immediately after, I take an even more disgusting spoonful of fish oil (for my omega hit), and last but not least several vitamins.

Sounds gross and it is – but it’s working, I am staying on top of my ever-increasing training, 13+ hours a week now. It is also my busy time of year at work, so a lot of energy is going into managing my business, my staff and stagings, stressed-out homeowners, demanding Real Estate Agents, prima donna contractors, etc. My teenage girls, can suck up a lot too… can you say hormones?

So, I begin everyday, chugging this strange brew, torturing my taste buds. All to stay on top of the demands I am placing on myself. And….believe it or not, I am loving every second of it!


  1. OK Darl, I know that you need a great blender and some frozen berries..... Fish Oil?! Are you mental?! I need to come and look after you! You are going to fry your taste buds.........

  2. You're a riot - you should put the Omega 3 fish oil in the blender. Tastes really good with some berries too!! :)

  3. that would mean I would have to clean the blender...who has time for that!

  4. Sounds like you need a Magic Bullet!!! Quick and easy to clean.