Sunday 18 March 2012

5… 3,2,1… ok…

For the last couple of weeks, I have been leading the 5:30pm, Thursday night spinning class at Absolute Endurance.  I am not “teaching”, exactly – that would require some sort of expertise, which I do not currently possess. But I can tell the time (well, Julie might argue that point), I have a pretty loud voice, and I also like to lead. So I guess I fit the bill for this very temporary position.

Each week Alan develops a different workout for me to deliver. My duties are, first, to decipher the lesson (not always easy… Alan speaks “coach” – a language more confusing to me than French), then to fire up my iPod (I desperately need to update my music… I don’t think the owners of AE appreciate me playing Cee lo Green…”F-You”), and lastly to yell out when to start, how hard to go, how fast, etc.  The more I do this, the more I like it. I am now considering getting certified – maybe this Fall, as I’m just a little busy at the moment.

Working out in the 80's was way more fun! 
(I think more men watched this than women, LOL)

A lifetime ago, I use to teach aerobics at a women’s only club.  Styled around the famous 1980’s “20 Minute Workout” TV show, I would jump around in tights yelling out instructions.  I loved teaching that class. I almost pursued a career as a phys-ed teacher or a physiotherapist, such was my love of sports, but life has a way of leading you in alternate directions. There is no doubt in my mind that had I followed that path, it would have been an equally rewarding career for me.  

So Tara Norton, take your time coming back. Enjoy your new bundle of joy. I’ll help hold the fort while you’re gone. As they say in coach, “5… 3,2,1…take it up another 5 watts…"PUSH,PUSH,PUSH".

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  1. Ha ha, you can tell the time just fine! Just remember "Carmen, this is BORING-G-G-G-G" chant the next time you are handed a workout that requires a 15min or 28min volume-intensity stretch with no break. Part of my charm, can't help it! :)