Saturday 24 March 2012

Rush, rush, rush…

I always seem to be rushing. To a client, to a staging, home to make dinner, to the gym, to the many assorted physio, chiro, acupuncture, massage appointments, and of course, to my second job as “mom’s taxi service”. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. I crash on the sofa at night, exhausted from the day’s events. These past months have been a blur.

When I finished my pool run today, I had a rare, glorious hour to kill. Kids were out, husband working, dinner at the in-laws was not for several hours. What was I to do? I thought, maybe I would stay in the pool for a extra hour, run some more, or do 50-60 laps. Hmmmm, what would my coach say?….“This is a recovery week, time to rest”.

So, I left the pool and headed for the steam room. I have never really had a steam. It is usually broken at my club or I am in too big a rush. But today, the stars aligned.

I grabbed a few towels, including the iced mini-towel conveniently provided at the door. I entered the white-tiled room just as the steam valve began to pump out the hot, moist mist. A pleasing citrus fragrance hung in the haze. I took off my terry-cloth robe, laid it down, hopped on top, then covered my face with the freezing cold cloth. Happy to be alone, my modesty not challenged, I began to feel my muscles melt. Time slipped by slowly. Mentally and physically in the moment, my body sucking up every second of this vacation from life. I could only hear myself breathing and the valve hissing.

With the room now heavy with steam, I was unable to make out the woman who disturbed the peaceful bubble I was in. A current of cold air flowed through the open door before it closed behind her, cooling my hot skin. Time to leave I thought, as my modesty kicked back into gear. Those quiet, private, unbelievable minutes did more for me then any stress-relieving workout, or tension releasing massage. Ahhhh, the steam room. Now a new (must do) part of my training regime.  

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  1. Good for you, I'm jealous!! I feel rush-rush-rushed too...too busy even to update my blog!! :)