Friday 28 June 2019

Stage 0: One more sleep…

It’s the day before the Tour begins and my anxiety is starting to grow. I had been pretty good up to this afternoon when I got my bike labelled and tagged by the Le Loop organizers and then completed my last 30 minute bike test ride. 

But the more I think about the days ahead, the more anxious I get. I want to study the climbs, the grade, the distance, and just where those crazy mountains are, but the enormity of it all freaks me out, so I switch it off and find something else to do. Pringles anyone?

On the plus side, the short ride I did today was surreal. As noted, I’ve been training six days a week for over six months with barely any down time. My muscles, especially my legs, had been in a constant state of ache. No surprise.

But this last past week I was happily in TAPER!!!  I loooove taper.

So after almost a week of not riding, my muscles have healed and all the fatigue has left my body. I got on my bike today for the first time in several days and WOW, nothing barked at me. It was like I was flying. 

I hope to hang onto this feeling for as long as I can. I like having wings.


  1. You go girl! If anyone can do this you can...your body is strong and ready but more important your mind is sharp and focused on getting through this! Sending you positive energy and will follow your adventure.

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