Tuesday 2 July 2019

Stage 4 (Tuesday): Ups and Downs

When you train for something like this you try to factor in everything you can: strength, cardio, gear testing and retesting, etc. Sleep or the lack of it was not something I was prepared for. I am averaging a maximum of 6 hours a night, if I’m lucky. My body is in need of healing time and it's not getting what it needs.
We have late dinners with next day briefings, and then early morning starts with buses and transfers to the next region. My state of mind is now my main focus. Staying positive for what lies ahead is becoming harder.
My coach is sending me daily inspiration quotes, and as I sit on a bus heading out for day 5 feeling completely exhausted and down, it lifted me up:
“If you really want to do something, you'll find a way. If you don't, you'll find an excuse.”

Wow, that choked me up a little. Thanks Tara!
Yesterday had its ups and downs (literally and figuratively). My team is working well together and I feel we have each other’s backs. There have been loads of laughter and pockets time with total silence, and we keep working together in a pace line. The terrain is stunning, the villages we ride through are spectacular.
On the downside, as we were travelling through a very busy town, one of the guys hit a curb yesterday and crashed onto the pavement. He was behind me and the sound of the bike and his body hitting the pavement had me believing that he was hit by a car. I stopped and ran to his aid (he is alright). I was overcome with panic. We are so exposed out here in the hills and mountains of France.
These past four days have been a challenge. Flat stages are not flat and we always seem to have a crazy-hard climb after riding over 200 km in the wind and heat.
We have now crossed over to a more difficult part of this first leg before our first rest day, which comes after stage 10. My heart is still in this, but it’s getting a little harder due to sleep deprivation and fatigue. I know I will find a second wind. I just hoping it’s come soon.


  1. This is like EpicWoman Camp all over again! You CAN Do It!! (Fwiw, I got thru my first EpicWoman camp on next to no sleep because I was coughing all nite, every nite. Your body is capable of pushing thru what you mind says is crazy ��)

  2. Charles Shulz Peanuts creator said... "Life is like a 10-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use." You have a few more gears in you...when you think you can't find them, they'll find you!