Saturday 14 April 2012

The beast is born…

The drama of my Tri-bike purchase finally came to an end yesterday. What should have been a pretty straightforward purchase, turned into a really lousy experience. I waited patiently for months, just to be told that not only would I not be getting my tri-bike to train on in Arizona, but there was a good chance that I wouldn’t even have it in time for my Iron in August! Cervelo is to blame.  I guess their amazing deal was just a little to good to be true.  Oh well, in the end it turn out to be serendipitous.

My coach came to my rescue (again), and set me up with Heath at La Bicicletta. With zero decent (in my opinion) tri-bikes available in this city that would fit me (what a crazy sport this is), he magically found one, in my price range, and he also spent the time to size it to me. All within two days. What a beautiful machine the Specialized Shiv is. I took it out for its first ride today. I was scared when I clipped in, because I have never been on a Tri-bike, but within seconds I felt like I had been riding it for years.  

The Beast

An hour into the ride, I felt funny, but in a good way. I know I have been training hard for some time now, but today I felt incredibly strong, and somehow I knew it wasn’t just me… it was the bike! I guess with the aero position, I have more power. I was going faster but with far less effort – it was amazing. However, it did feel like I was cheating (lol).  

So all in all, a happy ending to the tri-bike saga of 2012. I am Arizona-bound in one week, and climbing Mt. Lemmon on my new, sweet ride has just made the trip more exciting for me. I wonder just how fast I can make this beast go. 

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